Import Adress Book contacts into Outlook 2011

There is in fact some workarounds on the subject. But for me most of them don’t seem to work.

So I found out this litlle app on the App Store. It’s not free, but it does what it says and it’s very easy to use. Also very cheap.

It’s called AB2CSV. Aside from the technical name it allows you to export your Adress Book in one or more CSV or VCF files in a very fast and simple way. Just follow the instuctions.

The app will turn all your contacts in a single or multiple format inside your desire destination, normally a folder. And all the info of your contacts, like phone numbers, emails, birthdates, adresses, etc, depending on what you have, will also be displayed in Outlook 2011. Great!

Outlook 2011 does not import Vcards, wich is the only available format to export your contacts from Adress Book.

So here’s the solution, cheap and effective.

Check it out!

More info here or at the AppStore


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