Apple To Announce New iPhone Next Week

Cult of Mac
John Brownlee

We mentioned this in our last story about Apple’s invites to the iPhone 5 event, but it’s worth it’s own post: Apple’s invitation to it’s “Let’s talk iPhone” event seems to sneakily confirm that Apple will only be announcing one new iPhone at next Tuesday’s event.

Let’s leave aside the fact that the invite says “Let’s talk iPhone” singular and not plural. The guys over at iDownloadBlog spotted some obvious meaning to be scrutinized out of Apple’s invite image.

From top left clockwise, we have an icon for the iOS Calendar reading October 4th, an icon for the Clock app reading 10am, an icon for Apple’s Maps app zoomed in — as always — on 1 Infinite Loop, and then, finally, the Phone app icon showing a single missed call.

It’s that red “1″ badge that has everyone talking. That’s Apple telling us to only expect one new iPhone.

We’ve been hearing rumors that Apple might release both a speed bumped iPhone 4S and a radical redesign in the iPhone 5 this year, but it appears it’s not to be. The only question is, which iPhone will Apple announce? Vegas odds are with the iPhone 4S, since there’s plenty of evidence in the supply chain for it, and next to none for the iPhone 5. Still, fingers crossed!



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