How To Use the Screen Sharing Features in Lion

by Cory Bohon

The Screen Sharing application has been around in OS X since the days of Leopard (oh so long ago!), but Apple has added some nifty features to the application and underlying support in Lion. From a new tool bar, to a new per-user screen sharing feature, Lion has you covered when doing screen sharing on your local network between two or more Macs.

New Toolbar

The new toolbar in the Screen Sharing application gives you quick access to things like Control/Observe Mode, fit screen in window, screenshot, and clipboard get/send buttons.

If you don’t see all of these buttons, you can right-click on the toolbar and select Customize Toolbar. From here, drag the default set of buttons into the toolbar and click the Done button.

Per-user Screen Sharing

If you have a Mac with multiple user accounts, screen sharing just got a lot easier thanks to per-user screen sharing. No longer does a user have to log out of their account in order for you to screen share another account. Simply log in with your account credentials when selecting Share Screen in Finder, and you’ll be taken directly to your user account.

Observe-only Mode


While screen sharing, you can now switch to Observe-only mode by clicking the button on the toolbar or by going to View > Switch to Observe Mode. While in this mode, your cursor will change to white instead of black and you will not be able to control the remove machine.

Full Screen Mode

The Screen Sharing application also supports Lion’s Full Screen mode, allowing you to go full screen by controlling another machine.



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