Apple’s Discontinues $999 White MacBook

Cult of Mac
Killian Bell

Having introduced an awesome new lineup of MacBook Airs today, Apple decided it was time to discontinue its $999 white MacBook in favor of its latest ultraportables.

Apple’s white MacBook has been a hit with students and those with a tight budget for some time, but with the huge success of the MacBook Air since its refresh in October, there no longer seems to be a need for the white MacBook.

The white MacBook was one of the oldest machines in Apple’s lineup, according to Macworld, having been first introduced in 2006 and remaining largely unchanged for the past 5 years.

Apple’s 11-inch MacBook Air is now the company’s cheapest Mac portable starting at $949 — $50 cheaper than the last-generation. If you need a little more screen space, however, the 13-inch MacBook Air starts at $1,249. Alternatively, the white MacBook is now available through the refurb section of Apple’s online store until it sells out, starting at $849.

Goodbye, white MacBook. It was nice having you around.


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