This Wedding Was Captured Entirely on the iPhone 4 Video

An wedding all captured with an iPhone 4..interesting stuff.

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Killian Bell

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We’ve seen people do some pretty impressive things with iOS devices, such as producing short films and recording complete albums. However, this is the first time we’ve seen an iPhone capture one couple’s special day.

The video below features photographs and videos of a wedding taken entirely on the iPhone 4:

Professional photographer Brian Adams and wedding videographer Rainer Flower were brought in to capture the big day, but the only camera they used was the iPhone 4:

The two professionals have collaborated on wedding shoots all over the world. What started as a “What if…” turned into a “Wow!” when they were finished.
Flor volunteered his November wedding for the experiment. Adams used two iPhone 4s to shoot pictures. Flor’s associate videographer also used an iPhone 4. Housings were used for the phones that allowed them to change lenses, as well as provided handles and mounts for a light, microphone and tripod.

Would you trust your iPhone 4 to capture the memories at your wedding?

[via iDB]


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