Apple Attempts to Pacify Unhappy Customers With Final Pro X FAQ

This have been some crazy days about the new Final Cut Pro X.

Cult of Mac
Killian Bell

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In an attempt to appease those unhappy with their new Final Cut Pro X purchase and reduce the number of disgruntled reviews, Apple has published a new FAQ page on its website that aims to answer some of the questions many users have about the latest Final Cut Pro. But will this be enough?

The FAQ includes answers to “the most common questions” Apple has heard, including “Can I import my video directly into Final Cut Pro X as I could in Final Cut Pro 7?”, “Does Final Cut Pro X support external monitors?”, and “Can I import projects from Final Cut Pro 7?” — the answer to the latter, of course, is a resounding “no.”

However, rather than just a simple “no” to that last question, Apple attempts to soften the blow by reiterating how good it believes the latest Final Cut Pro software to be:

Final Cut Pro X includes an all-new project architecture structured around a trackless timeline and connected clips. In addition, Final Cut Pro X features new and redesigned audio effects, video effects, and color grading tools. Because of these changes, there is no way to “translate” or bring in old projects without changing or losing data. But if you’re already working with Final Cut Pro 7, you can continue to do so after installing Final Cut Pro X, and Final Cut Pro 7 will work with Mac OS X Lion. You can also import your media files from previous versions into Final Cut Pro X.

The FAQ is rather promising, however, and does provide details on some of the features that users can expect in future updates, such as multicam editing, third-party plug-ins, and exporting to XML.

This is undoubtedly an attempt to reduce the number of refund requests Apple is receiving for the latest Final Cut Pro software, but will it be enough to persuade unhappy customers that their money was well spent?

If you’re a Final Cut Pro user who is unsatisfied with your purchase, has Apple’s new FAQ done anything to help? Will you still be requesting a refund?


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