iOS 5: Swiping in Music and Videos apps

iOS 5 contains a wealth of user interface tweaks stemming from the familiar swipe gesture. We already told you how you can swipe right in the Camera app to quickly get to your camera roll. You may have not known that Music and Videos apps also take advantage of swipe gesturing. When on the Now Playing screen in the Music app, swipe to the right to conveniently get back to the previous song selection screen (thanks, @BOB_1994). UPDATE: As noted in comments, the swipe-right thing has been around since iOS 4 so it isn’t new (although few have known about that), but the following is…

The Music app on iPad goes even further, allowing you to swipe left or right on the album art to skip between tracks. Both shortcuts are time-savers since you no longer have to first tap once to bring up the on-screen controls and then hit the Back button in the upper left corner. Finally, both Music and Videos apps now let you delete individual songs or video clips by swiping right over an item in the list view (previously, removing a song or a clip required you to go through the ordeal of syncing with iTunes).


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