iCloud Changes iOS Calendar App, Allows Users to Add Invitees to Events & RSVP iOS 5

Cult of Mac
by Buster Heine

A full week has passed since WWDC, and yet we’re still finding little gems inside iOS 5. The latest finding is that the improved Calendar App allows creators of events to invite people to attend, and then see who all is coming once they’ve responded. The new magic is all made possible with iCloud. Here’s how it works:

When creating a new Event, users will notice a new field titled “Invitees.” Selecting the Invitees option takes the user to a screen where you can input multiple email addresses to invite everyone you know to your rocking party on Friday.

Once everyone’s email has been added to the Event and you’ve clicked “Done” in the upper righthand-corner, email invitations (like the one below) will be sent out to all the Invitees.

Once your friends get the email invitation they will have the option to RSVP to your event. Once the Invitee has chosen between “Accept” “Decline” and “Maybe” the reply is sent up into the iCloud servers and is reflected for all other Invitees to see.

One of the nicest things is that once someone has RSVP’d to an event, you don’t have to go to a website to see who all is on the list of attendees. Instead, the Calendar event on your iPhone or iPad will list those who have accepted the event.

And of course, when time comes up to send an alert out, everyone rocking an iOS 5 device will get a sleek notification that the party is only hours away.



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