IOS 4.3.3 Battery Life

Hi, this was not supposed to happen. Everybody was having battery life issues with IOS 4.3.2.

The last update was had a few enhancements, resolving battery life was one of them. What’s going on…?

My iPhone 4 is consuming battery like a race car consumes gas… One day and it’s “dead”. And this is just with a few emails and internet access, no phone calls included.

Check this hot thread at Apple’s Support page:

It’s the second most discussed issue…

After install iOS 4.3.3 update, your Apple device’s battery life will reduce significantly.

This article will show you the steps for how to set up your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch as a new device in order to
solve battery drainage issue after update to iOS 4.3.3.

Method 1: Hard reset

Hold the Sleep/Wake + Home buttons until iPhone restart. If this
method is not able to resolve battery drainage issue then apply second

Method 2: Restore and set up as new

1. Install latest version of iTunes and launch it
2. Connect your device and select it in source list.
3. Click Restore button in summary tab.
3. Wait until iTunes has completed the restore process.
4. Choose option “Set Up As New” when iTunes asks Set Up Your iPhone/
iPad/iPod touch screen.
* Note that choosing the option of “Set Up As New” will overwrite
current backup.

via Apple Support

Apple…? We need a new update fast…!


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