New iMacs 25 percent faster than previous generation

by Michael Grothaus

A few days ago, we reported on Macworld’s benchmark results for the new Sandy Bridge-equipped iMacs. Macworld found them to be, on average, about 16 percent faster in the Speedmark 6.5 test than the previous generation. Now Primate Labs has put together a report detailing the iMac’s speed increases based on user-submitted Geekbench 2 results.

According to Primate Labs, the new Sandy Bridge iMacs are up to 25 percent faster than their Lynnfield predecessors. 25 percent isn’t earth-shattering, but it’s a nice bump for the newest models. When Primate Labs pitted the Sandy Bridge iMacs against the two-generations-old Wolfdale Core 2 Duo iMacs, however, the newest iMacs ran a whopping 70 percent faster. Time for an upgrade, Core 2 Duo iMac owners



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