New Lion developer preview includes iCal, About this Mac tweaks

Infinite LoopChris Foresman


Apple released the second developer preview of Lion—build 11A419—this week, but in contrast to rumors suggesting that a possible release candidate would appear soon, the latest build still has known issues and isn’t fully stable. Sources tell Ars, however, that the build does include some major visual changes to iCal, a new About this Mac, and possibly a new default combined account list for iChat.

The most notable change is the continued iPadification of iCal in the latest Lion developer preview. The first preview revealed new views similar to those used in the Calendar on iPad and MobileMe, but Apple has now tweaked the window header to take on a stitched leather appearance. The typeface on the buttons and tab slider have also morphed from Mac OS X’s default Lucida Grande to iOS’s default, Helvetica. So far, the change seems to be getting mixed reactions—while some developers consider them garish, others feel they are a worthwhile deviation from Apple’s own Human Interface Guidelines.


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