Wedding proposed via engraved iPad 2

Mike Schramm


We think this might be cheating a little bit, but we’ll let you decide: 9to5Mac reader Jordan C. wrote in to say that he’s proposed to his girlfriend courtesy of a custom-engraved iPad. He ordered one with “Will you marry me?” engraved on it, and when it showed up last Monday, he carted his girlfriend out (in the California rain we had last week, no less) to the Redwood Forests and knelt down to propose to her with Apple’s magical device underneath “the largest tree in the world.”

Very cute story, and congrats to the happy couple. But Jordan’s now-fiance Jessica was reportedly a little more excited for the tablet than the nuptials; she followed up her “yes” with a “Now give me my iPad!” Oh, Jordan. You have no idea what you’ve gotten yourself into, buddy. Above is a picture of the bride to be, with her true love presumably standing just off camera. But then again, she sure does seem to love that iPad, right?


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