How to Save Email Sent Through MobileMe’s iDisk Web App

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21 de Março de 2011 16:00
by Susie Ochs

How to Save Email Sent Through MobileMe’s iDisk Web App

I share my stuff with friends and colleagues. I use the “Send this link to (Optional)” for sharing files from my iDisk, which sends notices by the built-in email. How do I get these emails to appear in my sent mail (either the app on my Mac or in the cloud MobileMe mail)? Is this even possible? I’d like to have a record of who I’ve sent stuff to.

MobileMe’s iDisk web app ( has a Shared Files section where you can see which of your files you’ve shared, but it doesn’t have a list of whom you’ve emailed them to. And you’re right — the email that you send through that web app doesn’t show up in the Sent folder on your MobileMe email. So the best workaround we can think of is to send yourself a copy too. Just type your recipients’ email addresses, separated by commas, and tack your own MobileMe (or other) email address onto the end of the list.


Email it to yourself too, and greet your recipients by name.

So that sends you a copy of the email too, but in our testing, the email we received looks like it was sent to our address only, without the other addresses next to it in the To field. Curses! But you can weasel around this too by getting old-school in the notes field. Start off with, “Dear Susie, Ray, Nic, Robbie, and Flo” (the names of your friends may vary, of course).

Then later, you can search your email for “Shared file” in the subject line, and you’ll be able to check the notes to remember whom you sent each file to. It’s a bit kludgey, but as of right now, it’s the best we can do.


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