The Beatles

Now on iTunes



The Beatles’ music has finally made its way to iTunes for purchase.

The news follows negotiations, which spanned a period of several years, between EMI music and Apple in regards to royalty payments and contract terms alongside an ongoing trademark distpute.

Steve Jobs, chief executive of Apple and self-proclaimed Beatles fan, said it had been a long road to finally bring the Fab Four’s music to iTunes.

Mr Jobs went on to say that his company loved the Beatles and was honoured to be able to offer their songs on iTunes.

Sir Paul McCartney also expressed excitement, saying that it was fantastic to see songs that appeared originally on vinyl now available to enjoy a new life in digital format.

Ringo star commented that he was glad that he would no longer have to answer the question as to when the Beatles catalogue would finally be available on iTunes.

Meanwhile, Forrester research firm’s Mark Mulligan called the announcement a sad display of the state of the digital music industry, citing that Beatles band members were old enough to be grandparents of most of today’s young music fans.

The release comes after a long battle between Apple and Apple Corps, the Beatles’ label, over the rights to Apple-branded trademark issues.




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