iOS 4.0.1 Review

Well, until now everything remains the same. With one curious exception reported by many iPhone 3G users at the Apple discusson forum:

The Camera Roll is going crazy…Some say that the update deleted all the photos, other say that iTunes shows more photos than what they really have, I say this:

I can scrool down the camera roll and see this huge black “photo” that seems to never end… Am I the only one?

Please read the huge complain list here

What’s going on Apple? Stay in touch for more info on the update.


9 thoughts on “iOS 4.0.1 Review

  1. Same here with iPhone 3GS. Happened as soon as I updated to 4.0.1 this morning. Photos are there, just not visible in the Camera Roll.

    Hoping for a fix or workaround.


  2. My 3G was glacial with 4.0. Noticeably faster now with 4.0.1. Now I won’t have to hack it back to 3.1!

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