OS 4 Review – (dis)Appointments – Update

Since the day it came out until now, OS 4 is everything but stable.

We need an update, Apple needs an update to keep their costumers happy.

So I can tell from my experience that the iPhone became very slow in almost every aspect. I’m talking about the 3G. 3GS owners might not share the same opinion. Let’s wait for the iPhone 4.

Since the 3G does not support multitasking, it seems that every app you have, apple or third-party is unresponsive and very sloppy, not to mention slow. Its so serious that I came to a point of having to wait 5 or 10 seconds for the iPod to open. Also, text messaging is wrong. The Auto Correction only seems to work in English! And even so, it works bad… The writing became too slow or sometimes impossible to run smooth… The Camera Roll is also slow, updating the last pictures you took a few seconds later after opening. There are the Faces feature and also the Places. I never synchronized any Faces on my iPhone, yet there they are…!

Several crashes when opening, say, FaceBook app. Every new window you open, its a real pain…Calling seems now like a hard task, it take ages to input whatever you do on the iPhone.

iPhone now remembers where “you have been” after leaving contacts. So if you have to find a number and then make a call, when you go back, your contact window will be there, so you don’t have too look for it again (a good feature)

Also the Cellular Network wich seems to disable Edge technology, wich is good for someone like me ho doesn’t have a monthly plan. It is most noticeable when reaching for contacs or text messaging. There’s a warning message displayed for you to connect via WiFi or turn on Cellular Data. (also a good feature)

OS 4? Maybe for the iPhone 4? What a number coincidence…

There’s more to say of course, but for now I will stick with my experience wich is…using the iPhone everyday…

Talk to you later for more (dis)appointmennts 😉


Completing this post with this great video!


2 thoughts on “OS 4 Review – (dis)Appointments – Update

  1. Totally true!
    Exactly the same in my experience. In fact when upgraded my iPhone 3G to iOS4 it ran smoothly at beginning (even more than what was the iOS3 upgrade at beginning) but gradually it has become even more less responsive every time using the iPhone 3G.
    It’s a shame that iOS4 works that way making what was a great phone a lame smartphone.

    Yesterday the Facebook.app was even not capable of start which has made me use the facebook Mobile with Safari.

    My hope right now is the iOS4.1 update to bring back the speed the iPhone 3G had.

    Great video. Really true!

  2. Some are saying that 4.0.1 it’s coming out today.
    I feel bad for you guys!
    I think Apple sould give us some good update.

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