iOS 4.0 update available for download

The fourth version of Apple’s newly renamed mobile operating system arrived Monday, as iOS 4 became available for download.

Apple says the update delivers more than 100 features aimed at end users, as well as 1500 APIs for mobile app makers. Leading the parade of changes in iOS 4 is multitasking support, which will allow users to quickly switch between apps and let apps have limited background functionliaty. Other changes include folders for organizing apps, new Mail features, enhancements to the Photos app, and the ability to change the background wallpaper on your home screen.

iOS 4 is available for download by iPhone 3GS and 3G users, as well as by second- and third-generation iPod touch users. The new OS will also be included with the iPhone 4, which hits retail shelves on Thursday. Some features of the OS won’t be available on older devices—the iPhone 3G and second-generation touch don’t support multitasking, for example. The original iPhone, first released three years ago, won’t support iOS 4 at all. As for iPad users, they won’t be able to upgrade to the new OS until later this fall; Apple hasn’t set a firm date for iPad compatibility.

The iOS 4 update can be downloaded from iTunes. The size of the update will vary depending on what kind of device you use—oneMacworld contributor reported that the update for his iPhone 3GS was 378MB, while another editor’s iPhone 3G update was 292MB. The update requires iTunes 9.2, which Apple released last week.

Via MacWorld

We will also make our own review soon, so stay in touch 😉


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