Apple launches HTML5 Showcase page

Apple has launched a new section of its Website dedicated to showcasing the capabilities of the next generation of Web standards that fall under the HTML5 umbrella.

The HTML5 Showcase includes seven different demos, each aimed at illustrating a specific capability of modern Web browsers, including video and audio playback, typography, image manipulation, “VR” panoramas, and 360º-view presentations.

View Demos: Safari Technology Demos

The new content is squarely, if not openly, aimed at silencing critics of Apple’s decision to exclude Flash support from its mobile devices. In addition to a link to CEO Steve Jobs’s “Thoughts on Flash” open letter, the text that accompanies the Showcase states that “[s]tandards aren’t add-ons to the web. They are the web.”

The demos only work on the most recent versions of Safari that can be found on Mac, iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices. Users of other browsers—including those based on WebKit, the same underlying HTML rendering engine used by Apple’s browsers—are directed to download Apple’s browser.

An open letter: Toughts on Flash

Apple’s new HTML5 Showcase illustrates that the company is betting big on the capabilities of its flagship Web browser. Judging from the demos, the future of HTML5 applications looks bright indeed.

Via Macworld


One thought on “Apple launches HTML5 Showcase page

  1. I think the day’s of flash are pretty much gone.. i hope!
    It’s a very impressive technology.
    Glad to see it working and the performance it’s amazing!

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