Transmit 4 is Out!

Transmit is the FTP client by Panic that has won legions of fans (myself included). After 5 years of version 3.x, Panic has finally released version 4.0 with a new UI, faster performance, and a slew of hot new features.

Transmit 4 is a near-total re-write of the application. The most notable change is the UI. Gone is all the white and Aqua-style drop-downs. This version offers a nice path bar and custom icons for your favorites (use theirs or supply your own). There’s a new sync button and for the first time, Coverflow and thumbnail view. Finder classics like disclose folders and color-coding are now in place, and the beefed up progress bar tracks both overall progress and individual files. Nice!

I’ve only used the demo briefly this morning (we’ll have a full review up at a later date), but it’s noticeably faster than its predecessor. Panic claims a 25% speed increase over version 3, and I don’t doubt it. Not only does Transmit seem faster when transferring files, but just moving between directories is very snappy.

The most impressive feature I found during my brief testing this morning is Transmit Disks. This allows you to mount any favorite in the Finder, even if Transmit isn’t running. You’re free to interact with the disk as you wish once it’s mounted. It’s quite nice.

As I said, we’ve got a full review forthcoming. For now, we can say that Transmit 4 is well worth your attention. A sleek, modern look, greatly increased speed and new features like Transmit Disks make version 4 a must-update for all users.

A full license costs US$34. Users of version 3.x may upgrade for $19. Anyone who bought Transmit 3 on or after March 1st, 2010 can upgrade for free.


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