iPhone 1st Gen Still in Use

And I’m using mine too…

AppleInsider reports on web metric data released by Admob (a mobile ad agency) that claimed only 2% of its web traffic was from users of first-generation iPhones.

Philip Elmer-DeWitt from Fortune went digging a little deeper and found that there could be 1 in 3 first-gen iPhones still online, which would represent about 30% of the total first-gen devices sold. Elmer-DeWitt calculated that roughly 6.1 million first-gen iPhones were sold. If that’s true, then there could be about 1.8 million first-gen iPhones still online.

Also of interest from the Admob report: the iPhone 3GS drove around 39 percent of Admobs traffic in March 2010. That’s an astounding number considering that Admob works with multiple platforms, including Android.

You can read a fully summary of the Admob report on AppleInsider.


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