What do you miss on your iPhone?

What do you miss most on your iPhone? Shure there is a huge list, and everyone has a different opinion.

Nevertheless, I will post here some things that in fact are there, but they just don’t work as they were suposed to.

Lets start with the Contacts… Why do you have your family or friend’s birthdays on your Contact List if you are never warned for the events?

Oh I see… We also have Calendar, that also can merge all that important info, plus all sorts of calendars. Still, there is no warning for anything, they are just there.

Another thing, if you use multiple mail boxes on your Mac’s Mail app, and also have rules for specific adresses, why don’t they appear on iPhone’s own and same boxes? You have to manually relocate them…

Also, why all those weird ringtones, except maybe for the “old Phone”, and then you have to pay for another type of sound or music..?

There are workarounds…

If you have more things to complain, please let us know. I mean, any cheap Nokia can do all those “fancy” things and more mentioned above, for a quarter of the price… TouchScreen? 😉


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