Apple introduces iWork for iPad

Apple today at its iPad introduction announced a new version of iWork designed specifically for the iPad. The iWork for iPad application suite broadens the potential target audience for the iPad.

iWork is Apple’s productivity software suite, which includes Keynote (presentation slides), Numbers (spreadsheets), and Pages (word processing). The new iWork for iPad suite takes advantage of the iPad’s multitouch input; for example, slides in Keynote, columns in Numbers, and text and graphics in Pages can be rearranged by tapping and dragging your finger.

At today’s event, Apple’s Phil Schiller demonstrated each app on the iPad. All of the iWork apps launch to a library of documents that allow you to tap on the document you want to open. An on-screen keyboard appears when you need to type text.

Keynote runs only in landscape mode, since slides are designed horizontally. Pages has a new tool called Page Navigator, where you hold your finger on the right of the iPad’s screen and it brings up a loupe that lets you skim through your pages. All three iWork apps come with templates to help you create documents quickly.

According to Apple, the iWork for iPad apps can import iWork ’09 and Microsoft Office documents. When creating documents in iWork for iPad, you can send documents in iWork ’09 and PDF formats.

At the iPad event, Phil Schiller said that iWork documents are synced between your Mac and the iPad using iTunes, but no other file-saving specifics were mentioned.

The iWork for iPad apps are $10 each and will be available at the iTunes App Store.

Text courtesy of MacWorld


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