Mercury Browser for the iPhone

Mercury Browser is a FULLSCREEN web browser with TABS for iPhone and iTouch. The clean UI and rich features make it the best replacement for Safari.


  • Fullscreen browsing
  • Address and Tab panel is hidden automatically while browsing. You can just tap the green arrow on top-right corner to open address panel again.
  • Tabs with web site icon
  • Mercury Browser introduces real Tabs like desktop browsers. It is so easy to switch between Tabs and they can be saved for next session.
  • Springboard for bookmarks
  • Now you have springboard for your fancy bookmarks!
  • Save pages for offline reading
  • Simply press “+” and choose save page.
  • Three options for start-up screen
  • You can start with home page, bookmarks springboard or saved Tabs.
  • Fast loading with advanced caching algorithm
  • Well-tuned caching algorithm reduces load time significantly. Page compression can be turn on to improve speed to next level.

— Features —

  • – Tabs support
  • Support up to 6 Tabs with web site icon and title on tab. Multiple Tabs can load and render simultaneously. So Tab can be load on background while you are reading on another Tab. New Tab will be open when you tap on a new window link.
  • – Fullscreen browsing
  • Address panel is hidden automatically to give you maximum browsing space. You can open address panel again by tapping on the green arrow on top-right corner.
  • – Auto suggestion for URL inputting
  • A list of URLs will be shown while you input on address field, reduce your keypad input to minimum.
  • – Integrated Google search
  • Just input words in address field and hit go.
  • – Private browsing
  • You can enable private browsing in Settings panel. In private browsing mode, history will not be recorded and cookies will be cleared on shutting down.
  • – Bookmarks springboard
  • Just press “+” and choose “Add Bookmark” to save a bookmark, a fancy apple-touch icon will be download automatically if the web site supports it. You can access bookmark springboard by tapping gear icon on bottom of the screen. Tapping a bookmark icon will launch the URL in last active Tab.
  • – Three options for start-up screen
  • By setting start-up screen on Settings panel, you can open your home page at start-up, or bring up bookmark springboard, or start with saved Tabs from last session. To setup start-up screen, tap gear icon at bottom of browser screen and choose “Settings” Tab.
  • – Web page download
  • You can save web pages by pressing “+” and choose “Save this page”. On download panel, you can view saved pages and manage folders.
  • – History
  • When “Remember History” is enabled, access history will be saved and you can access the history at “History” panel. You can clear it at any time.
  • – Landscape and portrait upsidedown modes
  • – Multi-touch support as Safari
  • – Orientation locking
  • Press “+” and choose “Lock Rotation” to activate it.
  • – Send page link via mail


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