Favourite Apps 2009

So now we look back and after a year we can make a decent balance of our favourite apps. The ones that were just fancy and the ones that were useful. Even the app store is a good example of being a time waster for the iPhone. We spent too much time downloading and testing apps that were just a waste of time, didn’t we?

All in all we learn with our mistakes. What about apple products and third party apps? I think we already have almost all we really need inside our machines, despite that some companies insisted in making the default apps better. Did they succeed? How many apps do we have to manage our way of work outside the “original package”?

A lot of them you might say. Do we really need them? Seems like everybody wants to develop more and more “iStuff”. Why should we have a mail unread counter on the menu bar? It’s already on the dock! That’s the kind of apps I’m talking about. And there are so many of them…

So, wich ones did make a diference in your workflow?

Tell us about your experience.

Have a nice day.


One thought on “Favourite Apps 2009

  1. Hi mate.
    So far my favorites apps are.

    Wordpress 2.0
    Sapo News
    DropBox (still missing features)
    Air Sharing

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