iWork.com Updates

Apple released some new features to the iWork.com.

Screen shot 2009-09-28 at 22.39.14

Protect Your Shared Documents With Passwords

Safeguard your shared documents on iWork.com by using a password. To add a password to your document, select the ‘Privacy’ box in the Publish window. Enter a unique password for the document. You can even use the OS X Password Assistant to help create a strong password. Remember to send the password to the intended viewer.

Stay Up To Date With Your Viewer’s Comments

Viewers invited to an iWork.com document can provide feedback by leaving comments and document notes. Comments can be made on specific text in a Pages document, cells in a Numbers sheet, and on a Keynote slide.

iWork.com lets you know when a viewer has left feedback by sending you an email notification every time a new comment or note is added. You can adjust how often you receive these notifications by selecting from options on your Shared Documents page. Choose from Immediate, Hourly, Daily or Never.

Inviting Viewers Made Easy

The most recent update to iWork.com makes it easy for you to share your documents with your viewers. With the new server-based email, invitations are sent directly from Apple’s servers. You don’t need to depend on your desktop email application to send email invitations anymore.

Also, when you add new viewers online on iWork.com, the server sends them invitations directly without you needing to send a URL.

If you have a .Me account go visit https://www.iwork.com/signin/


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