Private Pics for iPhone

Private Pics from David Earnest is a nice little app for keeping your sensitive photos under lock and key. While locking your iPhone with a password will keep unwanted eyes from accessing anything on your phone, that’s not much of a solution if you hand your mobile device over to a friend. Luckily, Private Pics offers another measure of security.

Private Pics is like a password-protected vault for your photos. To add pictures to Private Pics, you can either import them from your photo library or, if you’ve got an iPhone, take new ones with the built-in camera. Keep in mind that importing a picture from the photo library leaves the original in place; you’ll have to manually delete it from the photo roll to keep it away from prying eyes. Once the pictures are inside Private Pics, you can add notes to them and keep them all organized with custom folders.

In addition to the $2 Private Pics, the developer also offers afree lite version, which limits you to one folder of up to 10 pictures. It’s a fine choice if you only need to protect a few photos, but if your privacy needs are more demanding, I recommend upgrading to the full version.

Private Pics

Private Pics

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