The Page Cannot Be Found…

For those times when the internet is too slow…or it doesn’t work at all…
Its one of those things that nowadays we cant live without…or can we?
I was outside at bar today, laptop, iPhone, all the usual gadgets that “require” internet.
But there was no internet…
The modem was broken and I waited for the problem to be solved which wasn’t by the way.
So what are you going to do with all these devices and no internet?
Requires some imagination, since I was here in the first place to work.
The usual stuff I do, reading emails, replying, checking websites to get info for my classes.
The last one is very important, since I teach.
But I had to improvise and decided to write this text in the Text app that comes with Mac.
It’s faster than pages…

Of course there are devices to connect to the internet like usb pens for example.
But my question is, what do you do on your Mac without internet?
Do you open your finder window and just look at the folders?
What do you do?
Of course not all programs require a connection to the internet, but it comes handy…
Any doubt and there’s your browser to help you, right?
“Just Google It”

Any thoughts just share them with us.



One thought on “The Page Cannot Be Found…

  1. In todays age no internet connection is depressive to everyone.

    And our macs are deeply related to internet: iTunes, iPhoto, Mail, Safari, Updates, Dashboard widgets and so on… more… and more!

    Sometimes when i want to create a newr post to my blog and don´t have net…
    it’s Text Edit my help to start writing something to use later….
    I try to manage, rate and classify my latest photos… even check more faces in iPhoto ’09.
    i look to fine-tune my iTunes songs (ratings, genre, more smart playlist, level with iVolume and so on)
    sometimes i look to iMovie and screen my latest recordings…

    …but i think nothing more.

    At home if my Netcabo connection stops by some strange reason i can always go using internet tethering from my iPhone Vodafone connection. sometimes at work place, i use it also whne there is no net connection.
    Internet tethering from iPhone is my recommendation to you.

    (Try to appear on my blog some day and also say something…

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