How to Setup Hotmail on the Mail app.

This solution article provides information to customers who wish to access their Windows Live Hotmail emails on iPhone.

NOTE: With POP3, there is no synchronizing.

For example, if you read an e-mail message on your iPhone the message will be unread if you view your Hotmail account on the web. Also, only messages in your Hotmail Inbox will display on your iPhone.

Other folders, and any messages in them, will not be displayed. To setup pop3 on your iPhone please try the following steps:

1. Tap Settings > Mail > Add Account > Other > Add Mail Account

2. Enter Name, Hotmail Address (Your Live ID), Hotmail Password Note: You may get an error message saying that you will need to be a Windows Live Hotmail Plus Subscriber. If you see this message, please press “OK” to ignore the message. Pop3 service is now available for free for all Hotmail customers.

3. Click “Save” Your account will be automatically configured at this point without further action from you.

4. Now please go to the IPhone mail client and start downloading your pop3 messages. Note: The first download from our pop3 servers could take up to 5 minutes for the first sync. If for some reason the phone does not auto populate the server information, please use the following server settings:

Pop3 Server: (Port: 995)

SMTP Server: (Port: 25)

Advanced Settings:

Incoming Uses SSL:On

Outgoing Uses SSL:On

Authentication: Password

Delete from Server: When removed from inbox

Please someone try this and comment.


2 thoughts on “How to Setup Hotmail on the Mail app.

  1. Funciona sim e bem.
    Tenho o meu iPhone 3G e o Mail do Mac a funcionar em pleno.

    Neste momento já não é nada de mais… mas aqui há uns bons meses atrás era um handycap terrível.

    No inicio do ano informei que já era possível…

    …e depois expliquei o que fiz e exemplifiquei com imagens e tudo.

    Entretanto eles foram melhorando o acesso mas penso que é quase igual.

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