Apple 9.09.09 Event! Live!

And this is the end…Now the App Store for the new stuff!



9:57AM Wait. The music is back, and it’s the Stones. And it’s good.

9:57AM And the music is down… something is happening. Something awesome.

9:56AM “Good morning ladies and gentlemen — please take your seats and turn off all mobile devices. Thank you.”

Quote from liveblogger from Engadget. lool

9:24AM So Apple is being really helpful to bloggers lately. At this event there’s WiFi that actually works (for now) and power strips in some of seat rows. They’ve done the latter previously, but it’s nice that they’re thinking of us hard workin’, hard bloggin’ livebloggers. Thanks guys. Now release a tablet or something.

Greg Grunberg of Heroes fame is here.

Let’s try to cover the event live.

07:00AM – Hawaii

10:00AM – Pacific

11:00AM – Mountain

12:00PM – Central

01:00PM – Eastern

06:00PM – London

07:00PM – Paris

09:00PM – Moscow

02:00AM – Tokyo (September 10th)

Photo Source: Engadget


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