iPig Speaker for iPod and iPhone

What about this one? Looks very cool, and it has a huge sound!



Highly Compatible
The iPig is compatible with most Apple iPods. Plus, thanks to the auxiliary input, it also works with MP3 and MP4 players, portable game consoles (PSP, Nintendo DS), gaming consoles (PS2, PS3, Wii, Xbox, Xbox360), portable and non portable CD and DVD players, televisions, personal computers (desktop and laptops), and mobile phones with audio-playing capabilities.

Humanized Touch Volume Control
Gently touch the right ear of the iPig to raise the volume, and touch the Left one to lower the volume. This technology will react only to the human touch.

High-Quality Sound
The iPig boasts a high-fidelity amplifier, an interior dynamic airflow optimizer, and an interior dynamic cooling exchange system with high sound stabilization to consistently deliver a clear and powerful sound.

iPod Docking Station
Dock your compatible iPod, charge it, and listen to your music without interruption. Plus, you still can enjoy music from other devices, like the iPod shuffle, via the 3.5-mm input connector.

Infra-Red Remote Control
Remote control included to browse through the different iPod features and to control the speakers’ volume, treble, and bass.

Smiley Lit Mouth
Each time a command is sent through the remote or when touching the ears, the light will blink as a confirmation of the command received. It also indicates whether the speaker system is on or off.

Bring on the Bass
Control the level of Bass output from the knob control in the back of the iPig. Enjoy deep bass in a small package. Crank up the volume, and then place your hand in front of the mouth–you’ll feel it.

360 Degrees Sound Spreading
The shape and the technical placement of the 5 speakers gracing the iPig, along with the use of sound diffusers, allows a 360 degree distribution for good sound anywhere in the room.

Standard Mini Jack
A 3.5-mm stereo audio-in connection enables you to connect the system with other audio and gaming devices.

GREEN and RoHS Compliant
Speakal products are made using environment-friendly, non-hazardous materials.

Shiny Colors
Available in four high-gloss colors: Black (Limited Edition), White, Yellow, and Pink–complement your decor and different iPod colors.


2 thoughts on “iPig Speaker for iPod and iPhone

  1. I have to buy this cute pig!!!:)
    Congratulations for being the best Apple blog in Portugal! Keep up the good work!:)


    also a Mac user;)

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