Understanding iPhone 3GS

AnandTech has published a very informative and in depth look at the iPhone 3GS. The report is 16 pages long and covers everything from CPU Architecture to a comparison with the Palm Pre.

Article Index:
Page: 1 – Index
Page: 2 – A Crash Course in CPU Architecture
Page: 3 – Superscalar to the Rescue
Page: 4 – Putting it in Perspective
Page: 5 – More Detail on ARM11 vs. Cortex A8
Page: 6 – The CPU and its Performance
Page: 7 – The GPU and its Performance
Page: 8 – Camera and Video Capture
Page: 9 – The Screen
Page: 10 – A Testament to Honesty about Battery Life
Page: 11 – Gaming Battery Life: Expectedly Worse
Page: 12 – The Rest of the Time: Improved Battery Life
Page: 13 – Voice Recognition
Page: 14 – The Compass
Page: 15 – The Inevitable Comparison: 3GS vs. Palm Pre
Page: 16 – Final Words

Read More: AnandTech


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