Why do you use a Mac?

I honestly think about Mac’s as a cool thing.

From a point of view of a musician who is always seeking for the latest toy, these wonderful machines are a “must have” to any studio.

These tiny or big rooms to make records have almost always a big visual impact normally related to gear. Nowadays we use computers to pretty much everything from simple text processors to complex visual and audio software. So why not match the beauty of, say a, custom guitar, custom mixing desk, fancy effects processors with a Mac?

It does make sense as we musicians write a song to be a piece of art so we better write it on a piece of art. I used to work on a pc at home. One day I had the chance to record an album on a big professional studio. First thing that I got in love with was for my surprise the actual desktop from one of many screens they had there. Those icons, that weird so called dock, etc. I did not pay attention to anything else! Even the software was gorgeous.

The rest of the amazing gear lying around just got a second place in my heart. I got home frustrated! Why doesn’t my pc looks like that? After many mac desktop virtualization attemptings I gave up… It was time to discover a new world. And without any knowledge I went to an Apple store and purchased my first Mac. It was an iMac 17 inches 2.0 intel edition. Beeing a musician I love challenges, and what better challenge could I ask for? To learn the Mac way!

From that day until now and after several machine upgrades and a lot of good time spent in front of them, there’s no turning back. So whatever reasons took me to record a guitar, those same reasons lead me to where I am right now, writing my story on my iPhone. Share your stories with us, why do you use a Mac?



2 thoughts on “Why do you use a Mac?

  1. I’m on my 6th Mac – currently I own an iMac 24″ and a Macbook. My first mac was a Mac Plus all the way back in 1986. My college, Drexel University, required them and I never changed from that point on. I’ve never used a Mac at work, so it’s always been a kind of separation of church and state.

    A few years ago my wife’s Gateway PC died. We were about to get married and didn’t have the funds to get a Mac, so I bought her a Sony Vaio laptop; big mistake. Windows PCs are so much harder out the gate. The extra money would have been worth it.

  2. I understand that separation. Its the always the jobs with pc’s… Now everything seems to be compatible, but I really cannot understand people with pc’s having so much trouble everyday with all those updates from virus to microsoft, all those endless “click here to donwnload” pages. It really seems to never end!

    Its so much easier on a Mac. Everything!

    Many thanks for your comment, we try to update our site in a very small mac community around here. If you happen to be a Mac fan and want to colaborate with us, feel free to contact us 😉


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