Rumor: OSX 10.6 to Bring YouTube Uploading?

If the latest rumor making it’s rounds on the internet is true, YouTube uploading has just been made idiot-proof.  Apple Insider is reporting that, in addition to a host of new features, OSX 10.6 (better known as Snow Leopard) will allow YouTube uploading from Quicktime.  Apple has yet to confirm or deny the rumor, so we’ll have to treat this one with a real wait-and-see approach.

Apple Insider has further gone on to claim that, in addition to the uploading of supported file formats via the new Quicktime, you’ll be able to export files to iTunes as well.  Expect to see fully-functional ways to convert and export videos for use on AppleTV and the iPod.  Here’s to hoping these changes actually materialize — they may be enough to send Mac-exclusive video converting giant VisualHub to an early grave.

No official word on Snow Leopard’s release yet, but analysts are predicting we’ll see it by the end of summer.



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