BravoTunes Displays iTunes Track Info in Status Bar

BravoBug Software has announced the release of BravoTunes 1.0, a free add-on utility for Apple’s iTunes software which displays scrolling track information in your Mac OS X status bar. BravoTunes can be fully customized with unique colors, fonts, scroll speeds, and more. It can display track info (title, artist, album) for the current and upcoming tracks and can display the elapsed time as a bar or pie chart style icon.

BravoTunes does more than that, however. Click the scrolling text and you’ll find a handy drop-down menu with easy access to basic iTunes controls: pause, play, skip tracks, or adjust your shuffle and repeat settings.

BravoTunes can be fully customized and even includes optimization options for the CPU-conscious. You can adjust syncing time, animation framerate, and graphics effects to ensure BravoTunes uses up the minimum amount of CPU, letting you focus on your heavy-duty Mac OS X apps while still enjoying iTunes track info at a glance.


Download it here


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