My Mac

My life with a Mac starts in August 2007. I was just an addicted tuner on the pc and I was always finding a way to keep up and spent more and more money on my computer.
Then I became bored about all the new stuff and the large number of stuff dealing with my operating system.
Of course that wasn’t all the issue but I always was an insatiafied person.
I started with iTunes… Oh men what a compliated program.
But hey! Let’s just stop and think about it a bit.
Can I make my own playlists and a number of diferents criteria?
This reminds my school and all the programing this we have to do there. But simple enough!
Hmm wait. This could be a great program.
Well then I begin to visit the Apple site, then the fan sites, then software for Mac sites and this goes on and on…

Then I realized that all pc geekness wasn’t all about speecs and graphic cards and memory, etc. It became a usability issue.

So how simple is to organize your photos on a pc with windows? And to burn them to a DVD?
How simple it is just to press 1 time on your mouse to launch a program?
How simple it is to drag a file to your dock and send and e-mail?

Oh those simple things…

There is enough question around here!

I loved the art, the detailed and how graphical Mac OSX was to me.

That was all I’ve den looking for.
I love the Mac!

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